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  • Allows the creation of forms called “webforms” that can be filled out in the iPortalDoc interface, in order to generate any type of document and sign it electronically.

    Some examples:

    • Letters or E-mails
    • Official letters or documentation
    • Contracts
    • Certificates
    • Records
    • Records
    • E-mail Templates
    • Listings
    • Event Documents
    • Newsletters
    • Proposal Templates
    • Budgets
    • Orders
    • Pricing Tables
    • Payment Orders
    • Requests
    • Technical Files
    • Contract Documents
    • Complainants
    • Projects
    • Specifications
    • Expenditures
    • Quality Control Documents
    • Leave Management
    • Individual and Collective Holiday Calendar
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Certificates
    • Questionnaires
    • Training, Billing, Complaint, and Costs/Projects Reports
    • Excel templates
    And stores any type of file such as Zip files, images and videos
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