IPBRICK OS is a communications platform for enterprise server systems, based on Linux Debian, and using the most known Open Source Software to manage:

– Unified Communications
– Document Management and Processes
– Email & Groupware
– Enterprise Social Network

And even the person doesn’t need to be an expert to configure a state-of-the-art server solution on any of these areas.


IPBRICK OS also provides a high level integration between the pre-configured open source software packages, to never miss an important configuration, that makes the server to work improperly.


The integration isn’t limited to only IPBRICK OS services, is also extended to third party software applications which are IPBRICK OS ready.


For example, the IPBrick addressbook is shared by all IPBrick services and 3rd party Software.


IPBRICK OS software is also prepared for smooth evolution.

Therefore it was designed to simplify the evolution between versions, making the user unaware of major changes in Linux Debian Operating Systems, as well as software package versions and its configuration file syntaxes.


In fact, it is a high performance solution that enables, a Very Fast installation and configuration process, with enterprise level disaster recovery capability.


This allow us to provide a Solution, with an Incredibly Low “Total Cost of Ownership”.

Intranet Server


  • Collaborative Tools

– Email – SMTP, IMAP and POP protocols
– Address Book
– Diary/Calendar

  • File server

– Individual and group work areas

  • Hypervisor

– Virtualization solution provided by default with the Operating System IPBRICK OS. Allows to execute several virtual machines, with Linux or Windows OS. Each virtual machine will have private virtual hardware: network card, disk, graphic card, etc.

  • Domain Server and Network Support Services

– LDAP Protocol
– Integration with Active Directory
– Radius Server
– DHCP Protocol
– DNS Protocol

  • Printer Server
  • Database Server
  • Data Security

– Work Area Backup Service
– Pre-installed Anti-Virus for Email and Work Areas
– Pre-installed Anti-Spam

  • Business Applications Support

– Backup – Bacula | SEP sesam
– CRM | Better.CRM
– Education – Moodle
– EDM  – iPortalDoc
– ERP – OpenERP | Gestix | Better.BIZ
– Groupware – EGroupware | DotProject | Open-Xchange | Zarafa
– Monitoring – Nagios | ntop
– Trouble Ticket System – iPTicket
– Video Surveillance – ZoneMinder




  • Email

– Mail Relay – SMTP, IMAP and POP protocols
– WebMail

  • Fax 2 Mail – Mail 2 Fax
  • Telephony Services

– VoIP Gateway
– SIP Proxy

  • Web Services

– Web Server – HTTP and HTTPS protocols
– WebPhone
– HTTP/FTP Proxy and Cache

  • Instant Messaging

– WebChat
– Instant Messaging Server

  • Communications Security

– Firewall
– VPN Server – SSL, IPSec and PPTP protocols
– IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
– Pre-installed Anti-Virus for Email and Proxy
– Pre-installed Anti-Spam