Solutions for Business Communications in Private Cloud

iPortalDoc is a Document and Process Management system with workflows, which works in a Private Cloud.


IPBRICK.CAFE integrates with Unified Communications (voice, videoconference, email and professional chat) and is the gateway to all IPBRICK applications.


IPBRICK.UCoIP is a Unified Communications Center that works in Private Cloud.


IPBRICK.MAIL ensures you secure access and effective management of your email account, as well as contacts, calendars, tasks and notes.

Digital Transformation of Companies

The set of IPBRICK Solutions will allow companies to improve the experience of their employees and customers, increase productivity and automate processes.

Digital transformation represents a unique opportunity for companies to transform their business, reduce costs, become more efficient in managing their processes and more competitive in the market.


Increase the efficiency of your employees, providing them with solutions to simplify business processes.


Let your employees work wherever and however they want by providing you with a collaboration platform where they can meet, exchange messages and make calls.


Ensure that all the solutions you provide to your employees work without interruption and do not compromise the security of business communications.

iPortalDoc – Document and Process Management

The Document and Process Management System, iPortalDoc is a solution for the management of documents and processes that guarantees the dematerialization and automation of companies’ business processes.
Allows you to insert documents, associate them with each other or with emails, forward one or several documents simultaneously, with and without a pending action, link them in different folders or consult associated documents.

IPBRICK modules that allow you to add or optimize functionalities.

How can we simplify your business?

Virtual Assistant

IPBRICK’s VoiceBot and ChatBot solution integrates several services that allow the automation of the call flow using Artificial Intelligence techniques.


Video conference

Professional Video Conferencing System that allows you to meet whenever and wherever you want, without the need to install specific software, just use any browser with webRTC support.


Call Center

IPBRICK’s Call Center module is the most used solution for Telemarketing and Technical Support.


Qualified Digital Signature

The Dematerialization of Signatures speeds up processes and eliminates the need to use printed documents in organizations.


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IPBRICK Digital Concierge, the Voicebot Solution for the Hospitality Industry

The room telephone, that symbolic item which was once used to make and receive calls, no longer serves that purpose. First, it began by having shortcut keys for the various services of the Hotel. Nowadays, it offers a Digital Concierge service, ready to provide immediate answers to guests’ needs.

Version 7.0 is a turning point for the IPBRICK Brand

Miguel Ramalhão, CPO of IPBRICK, explains that “in version 7.0 of IPBRICK, developments were carried out in order to increase the simplicity of the provision of IPBRICK solutions in the Cloud”.

IPBRICK’s Voicebot, the future of customer service

The IPBRICK Voicebot solution can understand the language used by the customer, understand their intention and give them an immediate response, without long waiting times.

A New Era in Business Communications

In order to expand its business offer, since 2018, Expandindustria has developed, under the IPBRICK brand, technological solutions for Corporate Communications.