Virtual Assistants

IPBRICK’s Voicebots and Chatbots Solution

Automating voice and chat service processes using Artificial Intelligence techniques

Have an easier interaction with your customers


The chatbot perceives the user’s intention through the written words or phrases and tries to interpret them to convey a correct answer.


Using the voice as a form of interaction, a Voicebot can understand the language used, understand their intention and give an immediate response.

Practical Applications

The automation of service processes through voice and/or chat, using Voicebots or Chatbots, has applicability in the most diverse sectors of activities, (Banking, Financial Services, Customer Support Services, etc.) and plays an important role in optimization of customer service.

With this technology, it is possible to:

Schedule medical appointments;

Confirm appointments;

Conduct surveys;

Place an order;

Make a reservation;

Check an order status;

Check product stock;

Among many other features.

Advantages of using IPBRICK Virtual Assistants

It uses features that relate to all age groups: voice and chat.
Promotes a better relationship between the brand and the customer.
Avoid repeating information.
Reduces waiting time.
Improves customer experience.
Greater speed and efficiency in service.
Increases employee productivity.

Get to know all the features of Virtual Assistants

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