Unified Communications over IP


Your communications are about to get easier

IPBRICK.UCoIP is a Unified Communications Center, which works in a Private Cloud. Provides IP PBX, Video Conferencing, and Chat services.
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Your company’s communications pass through here

IPBRICK.UCoIP is a Unified Communications Center over IP, which works in a Private Cloud (single-tenant).
IPBRICK’s Unified Communications Center natively integrates with iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution. This allows Calls, Emails, and Chat Conversations to be recorded in a Document Management system and can be associated with the documents/processes to which they concern and consulted at any time.

Real-time integrated communications

Available on different devices, and anywhere, as if you were on company premises

Telefonia IP




Main Features

Unified Communications Center

Waiting line

Answering Groups

Answering Sequences

Voice Conferences


Boss/Secretary Roles

Call Scheduling

Call Parking

Music on Hold

Call Recording

Voice Messages

VoiceBots & ChatBots

UCoIP Page

A single address to communicate

The UCoIP page allows any user outside the company, even if they are not an IPBRICK Technology user, to contact a company member, at no cost, through Voice, Videoconference, Chat, or Email.


from using IPBRICK.UCoIP


Calls between IP phones, connected to IPBRICK.UCoIP, are confidential (it uses Session Border Controller security barriers to the outside).


It uses single-tenant technology, which means that each company has its own independent communications system.


Includes a telephony subsystem that works as a private IP Centrex solution.

Missed calls

Para efetuar uma gestão mais eficiente das chamadas não atendidas, a IPBRICK desenvolveu o módulo de ”Unreturned Calls”, que permite registar e organizar as chamadas não atendidas, de forma a garantir que são retornadas em tempo útil.

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

The ADP module is installed in your IPBRICK system and works as an intermediary between your VoIP communications (calls) and its application on the Webserver and Database.

Call Recording

At IPBRICK it is possible to record all calls, and archive the records in the Document and Process Management solution: iPortalDoc. Only users with permissions can access the call log.


Um IVR é um sistema que faz o atendimento automático de chamadas telefónicas com menu automatizado e que podem ser selecionadas pelos números escritos no telefone ou através da vocalização de opções (integração com motor de speech to text).


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