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Document Management, Business Processes and Communications

Simplify daily business processes and don’t lose control of your company’s information and documents.
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Document Management

Document Management allows you to standardize the processes of work, archive, classification, and approval of the information in a structured and centralized manner, avoiding wasting time and information.

Digital Archive

Problems related to the management of the physical archive range from the space required, maintenance, and the non-existence of a standard of management or the non-indexing of documents. Thus, companies have sought to take a step in the digital transformation of their physical files into digital files.

Workflow Management

A workflow system allows, according to a set of previously defined rules, that documents, information, or tasks are transferred from user to user, following a certain hierarchy.

Process Automation

A Automatização de processos através de uma solução de Gestão Documental como o iPortalDoc, consiste na substituição de tarefas manuais por tarefas automatizadas, por meio da utilização de workflows ou encaminhamentos ad-hoc.

Document Management, Business Processes and Communications

iPortalDoc was designed to automate and centralize the work processes of companies, ensure greater speed, security, and ease in accessing and handling all documentation. Documentation means all types of information, whether paper documents, emails, chat conversations, voice calls, forms, or other types of files.

With iPortalDoc, you ensure the efficiency of your company’s processes while making your intervenants accountable. The system notifies users about the actions they have pending and allows them to consult, at any time, the status of a certain process. In addition, it allows you to keep and consult previous versions of documents, facilitating the search for information.

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Advantages of using iPortalDoc

Automation and standardization of work processes

Dematerialization of documentation and processes

Reduced circulation of paper-based information

Central management of the company's files

Document standardization

Fast availability, access and processing of documents and processes

Control and security of information and flows (documents and processes)

Increased administrative and procedural efficiency

Profitability of physical space and reduction of paper printing

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iPortalDoc Light

Area reserved for external entities (customers, partners, suppliers, and others). Access to the provided information is completely customizable, so that different entities may have different access permissions.


iPortalDoc integrates with an OCR solution for the collection and processing of information and following introduction and classification of the document directly into the Document Management.

Signature Dematerialization

The solution for the dematerialization of signatures, based on iPortalDoc, provides guarantees on the validity and authenticity of signed documents.


To streamline the work in preparing meetings, IPBRICK has developed a meeting module that will help you manage all the logistics and documentation involved, combining it with iPortalDoc functionalities in terms of document generation, association and processing.


iPortalDoc Contracts Module ensures the registration and maintenance of binding documents, whether they are active or inactive, both in terms of deadline control as payment and budget control.


Available for Android and iOS

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