Digital Signature

The Document Dematerialization Process

Qualified Digital Signature

Provides guarantees on the validity and authenticity of signed documents.

A step forward in Digital Transformation

The need to reduce the dependence and circulation of paper documents, in order to streamline organizational processes, namely those that require signatures, has led companies to seek solutions for collecting signatures.

With the solution for the dematerialization of signatures that integrates iPortalDoc, the documents that need to be signed are used in digital format. This possibility gives the management of processes a fundamental efficiency and speed, and is recognized as a need that cuts across almost all sectors of activity, namely Health, Banking, Hospitality, Human Resources, Law, and others.

How Can Qualified Digital Signature Simplify Your Business?

Signature with legal value.

Possibility of collecting the signature using a Citizen’s Card, Digital Certificate or other professional cards, which do not require the use of a paper signature.

Collection of metadata associated with the signature (pressure points, speed, location, time and others), which ensure its reliability.

Preservation of documents and accessibility in electronic format.

Actions to be performed on documents are now automated.

Reduction in the use of paper documents (document dematerialization).

Reduced printing costs.

Elimination of a large part of the physical file (whenever possible).