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The true sense of teamwork

Simplify communication between your company’s teams and maintain a team spirit among your employees. Share information and communicate in real time, anywhere.
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Integrates with Unified Communications

Communicate via Voice, Videoconference, Chat, and Email, with a presence management system that allows you to see users’ availability in real-time.

Scheduling Events, Tasks, and Meetings

Schedule meetings and events with your employees and/or external people. Automatically notify attendees by email and keep your calendar up to date with all important events.

Real-time Information Sharing

In addition to a general feed where you can share information with all employees, IPBRICK.CAFE has an area of Channels where different teams can share information, in real-time, with their members.

Quick access to the applications you use in your day-to-day

It’s the gateway to all IPBRICK applications and all the tools you need in your daily work. It also allows you to customize your favorite links.

A Collaborative and Secure Environment

IPBRICK.CAFE is a private and secure internal space for companies/organizations that provides tools to simplify communication and information exchange in real-time and reduce emails (received and sent).

It’s divided into Communications and Applications, which allow the user to easily access a set of information and resources. Access to the applications is done through links with a Single Sign-On system.


Integrates with the solution of Unified Communications

It provides a Unified Communications Bar (Voice, Videoconference, Chat, and Email) with a multi-channel presence management system, which allows you to see the availability of users in real-time.


Video conference



How can IPBRICK.CAFE simplify your team’s daily life?

Increases Productivity

A single solution where you can find all your work tools, communicate in real-time with your team, and store important documents and information. Which means less time wasted on unnecessary tasks.

Efficient Communication

Communicate with your team, a co-worker, or a person outside the company, in real-time, facilitating the quick exchange of information and knowledge.

Encourages Collaboration

Teams can easily follow the progress of each of the projects in which they are involved, being able to collaborate for the success of each task, with tips and suggestions in real-time.

Work with Security and Privacy

It is a secure and private space, with strong administration policies and controls, which allow you to control the information shared by users and define user and access permissions.

Meetings anywhere

Schedule meetings in a simple way, collaborate with your team in a single step, share content and invite people outside your company’s network.

Centralized Information

At IPBRICK.CAFE you can store all information and documents in one place. If you are an iPortalDoc user, you can share documents directly through Document Management.

Fewer Emails

Any information or document you want to exchange with a user or group can be shared in the Channel feed or the general feed of IPBRICK.CAFE. Sharing can be done privately to a restricted group or all users.


One Single Access

Add the tools you use every day to IPBRICK.CAFE applications and make it truly your workspace, with quick access to everything you need.

Video conference

Invite anyone to join the meeting. All you need is an email address. Allows you to join the video conference with a Voice call.


Make and receive calls from your employees and external contacts.

Remote work made easy

At home or in the office, stay in touch with your team and have quick and easy access to your documents.

Availability in the market

Contact us or choose one of our partners to find out how you can purchase IPBRICK.CAFE.


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Available for Android and iOS

IPBRICK.CAFE is a private and safe space for information exchange in companies. Which allows an efficient company’s communication with employees, as well as the communication between the employees themselves.