See what IPBrick can do for you and your company

  • Communications Platform – IPBrick.IC is a communications platform for enterprises simple to install – in just 5 minutes! – easy to manage through a very intuitive web interface and quick to recover (has a Disaster Recovery strategy of only 15 minutes!)
  • Hardware – We created our appliances thinking about your comfort! Thus, it is a closed product composed by a rugged hardware on which is installed the IPBrick.IC operating system. Furthermore, our appliances are used to respond to market segmentation, creating perfect solutions for every need. That’s why there are also  IPBrick modules to install in our appliances. We have a world of solutions and what you need is right here!
  • Business Applications – IPBrick also supports the two business applications developed by the same team working on IPBrick. For IPBrick exists an innovative document management system, iPortalDoc, and a trouble ticket system – the iPTicket.