In order for you to take the most advantage of some features that constitute IPBRICK Magic Wall – Unified Communications, Email and Collaborative Tools, Document and Process Management, and Enterprise Social Network – we have prepared a set of small videos that will help you make a more effective use of the solutions.

Access to “IPBRICK.TIPS” playlist at IPBRICK’s YouTube channel and watch the videos.

IPBRICK.TIPS | iPortalDoc | Document and Process Management
Update documents
Associate documents
Link documents
Share documents from iPortalDoc to IPBRICK.CAFE
Add comments to processes
Advanced search
Forward several documents simultaneously
Quick access to documents

IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.CAFE | Enterprise Social Network
UCoIP bar
Publication of news

IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.UCoIP | Unified Communications
UCoIP Page

IPBRICK.TIPS | IPBRICK.MAIL | Email and Collaborative Tools
Scheduling of meetings

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