pbbr is a portuguese Law Firm with international projection, with a full service ability, which provides legal advice settled in very demanding, strict and quality criteria. With a versatile, flexible and responsible team, it invests in the search for legal solutions that are more efficient and appropriate to the needs of its clients.

To automate the Management of Diligences they use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management solution of IPBRICK. In pbbr, every hour spent by each lawyer is registered in iPortalDoc, as well as all the documents handled by the employees. All produced documents are in a single repository, which allows to center the information and ease the search, therefore increasing the efficiency and productivity of the existent human resources. To each Diligence they can associate other important information, such as legislation, legal evidences or emails, and at any time extract reports on that same information. In addition, the register of the Diligences is also integrated with an invoicing program, which allows them to obtain reports on each Diligence, based in the registered working hours.