With almost half a century, Calheiros Embalagens, with headquarters in Ermesinde, Porto, Portugal, is a reference in the market of printed packaging. As a fundamental piece in the product’s marketing, the package contributes to attract clients, or to be acknowledged or identified by them, and to raise the desire to buy, whilst Calheiros Embalagens seeks to provide a differentiated service, with quality, rigor and speed.
In order to automate some of the work processes, such as budget requests, orders and invoicing, they use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management system of IPBRICK.
The budget requests are sent to a specific email, which enters iPortalDoc and begins following a work process that notifies its participants. Afterwards, if there’s an order request, it is also managed on iPortalDoc and associated to the budget request.
The supplier invoices are also handled via iPortalDoc. The invoice received in paper is digitized to an email account that triggers a process on iPortalDoc, to handle the invoice. Besides, iPortalDoc also integrates the company’s ERP, which allows to create a register of the document in the ERP, after approving the supplier invoices, that comes already filled with the information of the document’s classification (entity, date, value, invoice number), previously added on iPortalDoc.