Managed by Autoestradas XXI – Subconcessionária Transmontana, S.A. (a Portuguese company that works in the building of highways), the Autoestrada Transmontana connects Vila Real (Parada de Cunhos) to Bragança (border of Quintanilha) and it’s actually one of the most important connections to the interior region, on the north of the river Douro. Besides, the building of the Autoestrada Transmontana had great importance to territorial cohesion and to the reduction of road accidents of the Region.
To streamline the work processes of companies (Autoestradas XXI; Operestradas XXI e Expoestradas XXI) involved in the Preservation, Maintenance and Exploitation of roads that constitute the AE Transmontana, they use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Manager of IPBRICK. Specific entrance typologies were defined to Sent and Received Letters and to Supplier Invoices management, each company can obtain statistical financial reports of: pending invoices, conferences, return invoices, accounting invoices, payment invoices and paid invoices. The system also notifies them whenever the payment deadlines and the invoice due dates, as well as the credit notes or orders, are being achieved.
Be as  AE Transmontana and use iPortalDoc to effectively manage your work processes. Just ask for a test account and try it.