What will happen to your physical archive from now on? Will you have an empty set of shelves? You are certainly not thinking about printing the Email Messages that arrive to your organization, are you?
It’s time to promote the Digital Transformation in the organization and start archiving digital communications, specially the electronic mail, which is the biggest source of income and outcome contents of your organization.
On the International Archives Day, we remember you that today’s archive has also been transformed and it’s now mainly Digital.
Why is digital archive so important? Nowadays, how does everything that is important arrive to your company? That’s right, everything is received by Electronic Mail, each and every employee receives in their email boxes the documents that are important to your company: invoices, credit notes, receipts, quotes, price tables, contracts, projects, blueprints, descriptive documents, letters and an endless list of other important documents.
It’s time to consolidate all of those email boxes into a single one, the digital archive of your organization.