4200 users in Centro Hospitalar do Porto – the portuguese Health Center of Porto – use iPortalDoc, of IPBRICK, on a daily basis.

Centro Hospitalar do Porto (CHP), which results from the integration of several Health units (Hospital de Santo António, Centro Materno Infantil do Norte and Centro de Genética Médica Jacinto Magalhães), is a central and university hospital, since it is associated to the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas de Abel Salazar – a portuguese Institute of Biomedical Sciences – of the University of Porto, that seeks excellence on all of its activities, in a global and integrated perspective of health. As its main mission, it wishes to provide a health care of reference, that is humanized and competitive, in an environment that values quality, respect for people, responsibility and team work.

To help CHP with the different tasks associated to its General Office, over 4200 users use iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Management System of IPBRICK. CHP uses several processes, among which stand out the ones linked to Human Resources (Absences and Vacations), Office (Letters and Requisitions), Financial (Supplier Invoice) and also Correspondence (sent and received).
Thanks to the usage of iPortalDoc, CHP drastically reduced the usage and circulation of documentation in paper format, which quickly allow them to recover the investment made in the solution. Most of the information is now circulating in digital format and it’s easily accessible, which ensures the automation and uniformization of the work processes.