Public Administration, in Portugal, began, this month, with the last stage of a project to end with the usage of paper. The pilot project “Papel Zero” will be the responsible for the definitive dematerialization of the State’s administrative processes, switching all processes and communications to digital support.
As you can see, it’s the ideal moment to choose the Document and Process Manager (iPortalDoc), since it will also allow you to “clean” your office!
IPBRICK has a wide experience regarding Public Administration, but also with Central, Regional and Local. We know how to connect documents, not only to processes but also to communications! And we don’t stick to document management, we also manage processes, since nowadays most documents have associated processes. In addition, we thought ahead and all of your communications (calls, emails and chat conversations) are recorded. iPortalDoc also allows an efficient management of your electronic mail, since it owns the Mail Archiving Module, in which all of your emails are automatically archived, avoiding the loss of information.
Remember that the future of your company is in a centralized management and in the control of the information flow!