Privacy, Security and Ownership allow IPBRICK’s email solution to be an alternative to the email solution in Public Cloud (Office 365 or Google Mail). Don’t lose control over your company’s emails. Ensure the confidentiality that your communications demand by using IPBRICK.Mail in Private Cloud!

To send and receive emails, and to manage the agenda, contacts and calendar in a completely safe and flexible way, it’s the proposal of IPBRICK.Mail. The easiest way to access IPBRICK.Mail is through IPBRICK.CAFE, the Enterprise Social Network that is the gateway to all IPBRICK applications. However, you may continue to use your favorite email clients, without any problems, such as Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, or just access it via browser, through any computer or device.
Another benefit of using IPBRICK.Mail is the possibility to take advantage of the integration with iPortalDoc, the Document and Process Manager of IPBRICK.
This Mail Archiving Module is an excellent help when it comes to manage your electronic mail efficiently. Thanks to this integration, not a single email will be forgotten. Besides facilitating the emails search, it helps you to know to which emails you have not answered yet, allows you to consult the answered emails and to view the history of exchanged emails, and also offers you the possibility to associate emails to documents or begin processes through the sending of an email.
Ask for your free account to try out IPBRICK.Mail integrated with the Document and Process Management.