Are you looking for a solution that combines the features of a Document and Process Manager with the features of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of your company? Which can integrate the documents and processes generated in the different areas of the company (Financial, Human Resources or Logistics, etc.) with a Document and Process Management System? Then, iPortalDoc is the solution that you are looking for. The integration between iPortalDoc and ERP allows you to automatically archive all documents, processed in the several modules of the ERP, in the Document Manager. At the same time, it triggers actions and sends notifications about the documents/processes to handle, according to the procedure of each company, making the procedural history available for consultation, ensuring execution deadlines and avoiding lapses. In addition, all documents are automatically classified in iPortalDoc with the previously inserted data in the ERP, avoiding the duplication of information and the loss of time. A good example of this integration is the invoices issued in a ERP, automatically integrated in iPortalDoc via web services and automatically sent via iPortalDoc Light to clients (external entities), being available for consultation and having all its documents associated. On the other hand, documents can be elaborated directly in iPortalDoc, such as a collaborator’s vacation map, and then sent to the ERP for salary processing. Ensure the bidirectional flow of documents between iPortalDoc and your ERP, whilst ensuring the efficiency on a Document and Process Management level in your company.