Help your customers with problem solving.

IPTICKET manages the resolution of your customers’ problems.

An application where your customers notify you of the difficulties they have and, when this information is entered into the system, the program automatically triggers a series of actions to solve them. From there, all people who may be involved in this solution are called to respond to the problem presented by the client. In the end, both you and your customer can receive reports produced by iPTicket and, through them, know, for example, what assistances were made, how long they took, and how much they cost. Also, this is a web-based solution, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world.


The customer reports a problem to your company by sending an email or accessing the iPTicket.


iPTicket has pre-defined procedures in which employees within your company who solve a certain type of problem are highlighted.


The designated administrator can analyze the performance of problem-solving, as the application generates various types of reports such as the tasks required in the procedure, the start and end date of the entire process, and the duration of the response times.


It adapts to any business area, namely those dedicated to the provision of services.