AD Data

An easy way to find the necessary Base DNs is using the ADSI Edit tool refered in 1.3.

After connecting to server (refered in 1.3), a window like Figure 2.1 appears and the domain in use is visible (dc=iporatal2003,dc=local).

Figure 2.1: ASDI Edit - Domain
Image adsiedit1

In Figure 2.2 the users BASE DN is visible. In this case is the username administrador. The BASE DN for that user is:
cn=administrador,cn=users,dc=iporatal2003,dc=local and the users BASE DN is cn=users,dc=iporatal2003,dc=local.

Figure 2.2: ASDI Edit - Users
Image adsiedit2

In groups (Figure 2.2), the BASE DN is cn=builtin,dc=iporatal2003,dc=local.

Figure 2.3: ASDI Edit - Groups
Image adsiedit3