CRM with Document Management and Communications

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management) system which manages the current and potential customers database, but also manages business opportunities, calls, meetings, tasks, and shared calendars.

It involves the use of technology for organizing, automate, synchronizing sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

IPBRICK OS, the Communications Platform and iPortalDoc, the Document Management Software, integrates with any CRM based on any Web service (API’s).

This integration allows communications, documents and processes to syncronize with the CRM customer relationship management software, to create the most complete working tool for an organization.

Integration with Document Management Software (iPortalDoc)

Organize and track all information about an entity:

  • Carried out Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Panned Projects or underway
  • Exchanged Electronic Correspondence
  • Sales and Payments
  • Allows to safe the Log and agenda of that entity

Allows to a coworker or sales person to have a better understanding of the entity with whom he is relating with. Better information when making decisions, better knowledge of resources spent on particular business opportunity, and anticipate decision making.

Additionally, this integration provides information in the form of reports, to monitor sales.

Integration with Communications

Makes it possible to make calls with just one click from the customer record at the same time, that automatically opens a pop-up window for registration of such communication.

This is possible due to the integration with IPBrick Contacts application, which registers all organizational contacts.




  • Conduct effective marketing campaigns and measure your results
  • Register quotation requests and ensure that no answer remains unanswered by examining the number of requests and its success rate
  • Generate reports and statistics of proposals or customers, real time statistics of number and value made and awarded proposals, not awarded and pending
  • Generate Meeting reports, organized by salesman and the number of meetings that results in sales and their values. It Monitors contacted persons, as well as information of how many days is not contacted a customer or a partner, and the status of a proposal.
  • Real time evaluation of business performance and critical assessment
  • Automate scheduling and tasks
  • Increase productivity by optimizing various tasks
  • Effective and efficient management of current and potential customers