From Call Center to Contact Center
Generally, a call center is a space where a great number of calls is centralized , allowing us to obtain important data such as: performance evaluation, agent status, call statistics, number of calls per queue, etc. However, with Contact Center, we go even further….


Whether providing a simple information service, or selling products and services,  success will depend on the ability to respond to customer needs and market changes. And if  you have a solution that offers other forms of communication, then it is guaranteed that the quality of your service will grow exponentially.


  • In a Contact Center, communication does not end with the telephone call;
  • It is a solution that brings together all forms of communication into a single platform (voice, video, email, fax, SMS and Pro Chat…);

Integrates with our document management solution. Therefore, if you  will use this contact center solution rest assured that you will be able to:

  • Access email and their status;
  • Consult processes via e-mail;
  • Consult processes quickly and easily;
  • Access the client file and respective history;
  • To assess the outcome of each case;
  • Saves as document and process attachments: Calls, IM conversations, faxes and emails.

Impact on your business

  • Allows you to better know your customers’ needs, a guaranteed advantage in today’s market;
  • Leads to customer satisfaction;
  • Your team will be motivated;
  • Have a motivated Team;
  • Save money;
  • Save time;
  • Increases productivity.


Brochure ContactCenter
(Ficheiro .pdf – 368 KB)