IPBRICK Case Studies



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  • 17 IPBRICK servers in a geographically dispersed network, integrating about 750 employees!
  • An implementation that lasted over two months, and included two weeks of training for three technicians to become completely autonomous in the management of IPBRICK technology.
  • The APA offices have multiple servers to function as IPBRICK.GT media gateway, linking with the existing telephone exchanges and the public telephone network (PSTN) and also IP PBX functions.
  • In this way, it is possible to extend the range of communications forms without wasting the existing telephony machines.
  • Furthermore, this solution is not associated with any service provider, giving the Portuguese Environment Agency, I.P. complete freedom to select the ones who offer more competitive prices. APA is also actively using the Enterprise Social Network of IPBRICK.CAFE for communications management:Voice, Video, Email and Chat.

Retail Industry



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  • Drastic reduction of the communication costs of these long-distance calls, often just a price of local calls.
  • Cora is using the IPBRICK Solution Fax2Mail & Mail2Fax – that enables automatic forwarding of incoming faxes to email accounts.
  • The project was done in Try&Buy terms and IPBRICK just excelled in all agreed Key Performance Indicators, with a fraction of the cost.
  • Since this first collaboration, all Cora hyper-markets are equipped with an IPBRICK.GT as their IP PBX, Media Gateway and Fax Server.




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  • In total, 20 IPBRICK servers are spread all over Spain providing a robust YAVOY service to Movistar’s users.
  • To win this project, IPBrick innovated and created the possibility of adding disks to machines without having to shut down the servers.
  • It is possible to extend the IPBrick file systems to be used in new discs and the whole Process is done without stopping the servers.
  • Due to IPBRICK®, YAVOY has a non-stop service for the last two years.

Food Industry



(Client Testimonial)

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  • “I was looking for a unified communications solution for the Monolith group, in particular for our office in Portugal, where the costs of communication were still very expensive”.
  • “To make it even more unbeatable, the solution brings together all aspects of security, making the adoption of IPBrick technology extremely easier in our Portuguese office”.
  • “I realized that the IPBRICK was certainly, the most simple technology that I ever seen”.
  • “Of course that didn’t take long to choose also the IPBRICK.GT, to Cyprus office, and finally IPBRICK also came to the headquarters of the Monolith in Germany.”

Software Development



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  • The IPBRICK is connected to the internet via a dedicated ADSL connection.
  • The SIP handsets connect with built-in VPN clients.
  • The System allows the programmers to collaborate with unmetered calls and conferencing, and even answer in-coming calls, on the office analogue British Telecom lines.

Automotive Sector



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  • It was possible to extend the range of communications forms – voice over IP, videoconferencing, and other, without throwing out the existing telephony equipment.
  • This tecnology enables collaborators from a Portuguese city office to call a number in Brazil at a local call price.
  • In each of these offices there is an IPBrick Intranet server, which provides Collaborative Tools and Email. And these features are securely available from anywhere in the world, through a VPN connection.
  • Scalability and management autonomy are the key words of IPBrick implementation in SODECIA.

Engineering Construction and Public Works



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  • IPBrick developed a feature which provided automatic forwarding of incoming faxes to e-mail accounts.
  • Now, all faxes arriving at Mota Engil network accounts are delivered by e-mail located on the IPBrick.GT to a mail server IPBrick.I.
  • Mota Engil call costs have decreased considerably and this is an advantage due to IPBrick technology.
  • All calls between the three Main Mota Engil offices are completely free.

Health (E.P.E)



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  • “Silent” – The hole process is completed without the user knowing about the change between the old system and the new system and working without interruptions.
  • The IPBRICK solution serves now 5000 users and 2500 workstations.
  • Document Management and workflow integrated with communications in order to deal with processes related to Human Resources and Administration.

Professional Association



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  • Since IPBrick began providing e-mail services to the Portugal Bar Association, the availability of the service has improved to 100% in three years.
  • More than 33.000 e-mail addresses and respective contents are “domiciled” in two IPBrick servers running in cluster.
  • Both Servers contain the same information and settings and “divide” the work between them. If one fails the other takes over automatically without the user being aware of the error.

Water Supply and Sanitation



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  • Company users have, in the four years of operation, stored about 70,000 documents on their iPortalDoc Document Management system.
  • The access to documents through mobile platforms allows remote access to the company information.
  • The Board of Directors have been included in the state diagrams of the workflows, for actions involving strategic decisions or responsibilities.
  • Another Benefit is the remote access to documents through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This makes remote participation in director board meetings possible.

Tourism and Accommodation Industry



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  • Solution that integrates with the existing local telephony infrastructure.
  • Communications become much cheaper, because it connects with national and international VoIP operators.
  • This integration also allows centralized control of all the guest expenses. It is possible to do the automatic debit of the products consumed in the minibar.
  • The calls carried out by the guest are also billed to the account immediately.

City Hall Administration



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  • Currently Ponta Delgada headquarters uses a IPBrick.GT – a central Unified Communications IPBrick for their telephony requirements.
  • This gives Ponta Delgada City Hall, VoIP Communications and connection to traditional telephony (PSTN) networks.
  • The IPBrick solution provides all functionalities using low-cost communications – voice, video, fax, SMS, IM, Email and Web.

Public Library

ipbrick_livraria de portel


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  • The IPBrick.VDI appliance present in Portel Public Library, consists in an IPBrick server that allows any individual to manage user accounts, terminals and their desktops on a single server.
  • One technician is enough to manage all user accounts and terminals under a web interface.
  • In each workstation, library users may use Server and OpenOffice tools, access contents, such as videos and audio through the assignment of permissions.
  • Portel Library has now a solution that allowed cost and time reduction per workstation and maintenance, because service management, virtual machines and desktops are centralized in a single solution with unlimited users.

Water and Sanitation



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  • The IPBrick implementation at AdDP was impressive: 12 IPBrick servers were employed in a geographically dispersed network (Porto / Castelo de Paiva / Ferro / Lever and Paços de Ferreira), where approximately 200 employees are now working.
  • The IPBrick.GT is installed in the headquarters. This embodies the UCoIP central concept (Unified Communications over IP) created by IPBrick, which provides Voice, Video, Fax, SMS, IM, E-Mail.
  • The Web IPBrick.GT optimizes the overall communications infrastructure serving the AdDP IP PBX (The VoIP technology reduces spending on communications) and also connects to traditional telephony equipment.

Public Administration



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  • With iPortalDoc, the Resende Mayor has no papers on the desk, because all the documentation and correspondende is sent through the iPortalDoc, the Document Management System.
  • It is through the iPortalDoc that letters and internal information, in Resende City Council are generated (by filling out a template) and published within minutes. These can include regulations, and the Official Gazette.
  • The proposals management, requisitions, invoices, payment orders and the organizing of events of the municipality are also processes that pass through the iPortalDoc.