• IPBRICK, S.A. Mission is to be a software manufacturer and distributor for corporate communication solutions, On Premises and in Private Cloud, with particular focus in the solutions that constitute the IPBRICK MAGIC WALL: Unified Communications, Electronic Mail and Collaborative Tools, Document and Process Management and an Enterprise Social Network, ensuring a high level of integration between these corporate communication areas. IPBRICK, S.A. also has the mission to commercialize its solutions through a distribution channel, providing services of technical assistance and support in order to facilitate the implementation of these solutions in the final clients.

  • IPBRICK, S.A. aims to be a reference company in the development and implementation of solutions for Corporate Communications, On Premises and Private Cloud.

  • Commitment and Responsibility

    Ethics and Transparency

    Distinction and Technological Innovation

    Credibility e Cohesion

    Team spirit

    Costumer focus

  • By defining the Quality Policy, the Board of Directors sets its management strategy and its intersection with the needs and expectations of the clients, regularly collected, as well as the material and human resources at its disposal to support them.

    The Quality Policy of IPBRICK settles in the principle that the company aims to achieve excellence, every day, in its areas of intervention, namely: software development, commercialization of its solutions through a distribution channel and provision of technical assistance and support services.

    IPBRICK is a company almost 100% based on the intellectual capital of its employees, since the company’s culture has been shaped over the years by the interaction between themselves as a cohesive team, so it’s very important that the quality policy principles are, in first hand, assimilated and shared by the employees, who are the backbone of the company.

    The Quality Management System (QMS) is inserted in the company with the goal of being the support for this search for excellence and for the maintenance of the company in that same state of excellence. To be excellent, it’s necessary to be constantly prepared to review the requirements and growing expectations of the clients in an ICT environment, which is continuously evolving, and innovate to achieve and consolidate the level of excellence. Nevertheless, it’s important not to disturb the level of satisfaction of the clients, during the process of innovation, which has been previously established in IPBRICK’s intervention areas.

    Since IPBRICK is a company that works through a distribution channel, it’s essential that the QMS extends to its the partners, within the company’s possibilities, in order to ensure that the excellence will not only be IPBRICK’s objective but also the objective of all partners that constitute IPBRICK’s worldwide distribution channel. This expansion of excellence, beyond the limits of the company, clearly covers only two or three of the areas where the company bases its activity: commercialization of its solutions and services provision.

    The QMS must be the guardian of a corporate culture guided towards excellence, which means that this system must also be dynamic and accompany the evolution of the company, considering that the quality policy will remain faithful to the search for excellence.

    It’s also part of IPBRICK’s Quality Policy that the QMS is perceived by the employees as one of the softwares on top of which the company’s operation sets. Therefore, the existence of the QMS is transparent for the organization, since the company’s activities are managed by a set of softwares.

    The disclosure of the Quality Policy, inside IPBRICK, is performed through its release via iPortalDoc. Besides checking if it is being properly implemented by undertaking internal audits, the Board of Directors also checks each year if the Quality Policy keeps up to date in view of IPBRICK’s development and in its external surroundings, using the Review of the Quality Management System for that effect.

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